We will work with your company to build business analytics skills with an aim to provide you a trained workforce, increase productivity levels, lower your training costs and allow you to focus on your core business.

The scenarios below are ones which you may have come across. We help you avoid them:

  1. My analytics business is getting great traction from clients but we are unable to get enough people with skills to deliver the project
  2. One of the people working on a project made basic but costly mistakes which has set us back by weeks.
  3. My people did not understand the business problem well enough and ended up delivering an analytically perfect but incorrect and unwanted solution
  4. My existing team has a lot to do on their plate and now they have to spend their time on training the new hires. The projects are getting delayed and we have lost out on valuable billing hours during the year.
  5. Our training costs are increasing rapidly as we hire more people every year and our training infrastructure is unable to cope

Within the corporate framework, our training offerings include:

  1. A comprehensive 5-10 day data science & machine learning foundation program
  2. A skill-upgradation program for existing employees/lateral hires moving to your growing data science team (program will be designed according to background of trainees)
  3. Boot-camp in R/Python and applied statistics/machine learning/deep learning for turning novices into deployable talent in a short time (short 5 day program)
  4. A 2-3 day program on R programming for analytics
  5. Appreciation/deep-dive workshops to develop an understanding of the field or to go in-depth into specific areas
  6. Online learning options for your people to learn at their own pace. We provide you tracking and monitoring facility for you to keep note of their performance.

Our trainers have significant industry and training experience along with impressive educational backgrounds.

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