Sneha Basavanna

Senior Associate, Cognizant

How I shifted my career from IT to Data Science

Success Stories

My name is Sneha Basavanna and this is my story of how I landed my job in data science after 6 years in IT!

We recently caught up with Sneha B to understand her journey of venturing into analytics and how she successfully moved from a career in IT to taking up Data Science as a career path. Below is her story:

What do I do in my work?

Intention to pursue analytics

Enter Edvancer

Any aspiring analytics professional should pursue analytics through a course for the same reason I did - to learn analytics in the proper way, in a structured manner, and to have someone available to resolve all doubts and speed bumps that come along the way. Also remain patient and dedicated in your job search and you will surely land one.

I worked as a business analyst which was different from business analytics and analysing data was never a part of my job. One of my colleagues suggested data science to solve business problems as a career path which looked very enchanting. I researched more and found out that analytics is the most powerful way to manage and solve business problems with data, and that demand for analytics would increase soon in all sectors exponentially. 

Since I was working closely with business, I felt analytics would be the right way to recommend clients on different options and help them take right business decisions.

So, I chose to pursue a course to further my knowledge on analytics as I wanted to learn analytics in a structured way and also have someone help me in learning different tools.

Initial Journey

It is still early days for me in the company but I can already see that I am enjoying my work. Today, in my job, I use predictive modelling techniques (including logistic regression, clustering and at times forecasting) for various projects.  My job so far is exciting and challenging, and I get to learn new ways of dealing with data daily.

My first analytics job

I have 6 years of experience in requirement gathering in the IT industry. My experience included UML modelling, creation of functional specifications, data analysis, implementing new business solutions and client relations. My experience spans across insurance and superannuation industries.

In terms of my educational background, I graduated with a B.E. degree, coupled with Business Analytics courses at Edvancer, IIMB and LOMA – Insurance certifications.

Advice for analytics aspirants

Edvancer helped me get my first analytics job at Cognizant when they forwarded my CV to the relevant people there. I had two rounds of technical interviews with Cognizant. In the first round, I was asked questions on predictive modelling. The second round was a mixture of statistical programming tools and analytics concepts again. I was informed of my selection in a week’s time and I immediately accepted given the substantial pay hike that I also received. Edvancer also have continued to help me by informing me of other job requirements over mails even after getting placed.

I chose Edvancer’s course on analytics because the online classroom meant I could take classes from home, the introduction class showed me that the online classroom simulated an actual classroom perfectly, and I liked the curriculum and reviews, and the fees suited me as well.

Training at Edvancer was online, but this was much better than a usual classroom. The method of delivery was excellent. We were allowed to ask questions and personal attention was much better than any classroom. All questions raised at the Q and A portal were answered very soon and it was a perfect platform to connect and discuss assignments with other students.

I then also attended a Business Analytics and Intelligence course offered at IIM Bangalore. Edvancer’s course had given me the practical training that was necessary and this one helped me gain the business perspective.

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