Ekta Gupta

Credit Risk Analyst, Bright House Networks

How I got into a cutting-edge analytics job after a career break

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Mrs. Ekta Gupta was looking to restart work after a 2-year maternity break. She wanted to progress in her career and got interested in analytics but was skeptical about being able to make a career in it without starting off as a fresher again. Read on to know how she managed it.

Her Interview experience

The main reason I chose Edvancer was that of their course outline – it covered most important concepts in business analytics. They provided 6 hours of weekly live online sessions which was extremely convenient for me. The faculties were highly qualified and came from reputed institutes like Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), so I was totally assured that I will get the best possible training here.

The training sessions were not only theoretical but also practical. The assignments were skillfully designed to help us implement the concepts clearly. They recapitulate the previous day class before starting a new tutorial, and the flow was kept alive throughout out the course. Apart from this, I also learned and practiced SAS based online training programs, but most of this was covered in Edvancer’s syllabus. 

The reason she chose analytics

The advantages of choosing Edvancer

My first job experience is totally amazing, and I can use my analytics skills to analyse credit risk faced by the company. My advice to people who want to venture into analytics is to learn SAS/R well and core concepts of Business Analytics. Doing a full-fledged course is more useful than some of the free courses available online which are not comprehensive and do not offer any assistance.

I was always good at analyzing numbers, so I decided to become an analyst. During my maternity break, I did some research on online courses in analytics in U.K where I am based. I didn’t know much about analytics, and I was confused on where to start, but I was lucky enough to discover Edvancer whose curriculum appealed to me. The institute was also offering discounts on analytics courses. So, without any second thought, I joined their “Certified Business Analytics Professional” course. 

My background

The interview process started with a telephonic round to assess my SAS skills followed by a coding round to check my technical skills. There were 10 SAS questions on topics like freq, summary , transpose , macros, date-time ,merging, etc. After this, there were two more rounds that took place on the same day. The first of the final rounds was a business analyst case study and the second one involved deciphering a data visualization.

How Edvancer’s certificate helped her to get a job in analytics

Advice for analytics aspirants

I have a Bachelors in Information Technology (IT) from BIT, Mesra. I started my career as an IT consultant; the role involved programming in JAVA and deploying projects in the U.K. and the US. I worked as an IT consultant for 6.5 years and then I resigned due to maternity but my desire for success was still the same, and I was sure that I would resume my career as soon as I am fit enough to make a comeback.

I updated my C.V. with the information of analytics certification from Edvancer. It added an extra credential to my C.V. along with my qualifications, and I was super confident due to this specialized training. Right after I completed the course, I was contacted by a reputed company. I figured I’d apply since I had nothing to lose. And after about four rounds of interviewing, I got the job!

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