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How to start your career in analytics as a engineering fresher
How can an engineering fresher get into analytics? [Part 2]

This article is a continuation of my previous article on the same topic. In this post, we will elaborate on how a fresh engineering graduate can take the path of a Big Data Engineer. What does a Data Engineer and a Data Architect do? A Data Engineer compiles and installs database systems, writes complex database […]

How can an engineering fresher get into analytics.[ Part 1]
How can an engineering fresher get into analytics[Part 1]

“I am a fresh engineering graduate, how can I start a career in data analytics?” Every fresh graduate interested in the analytics industry has this one question on their mind. Analytics is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. The demand so vastly surpasses the supply of data analysts that companies find […]

how to shift your career to analytics
How to shift your career to Analytics like a boss

Analytics. You’re obsessed with the field, with each blog, book and article you come across. But you’re afraid. You’re afraid of the number of different jobs within analytics. You’re afraid that your current experience might not be considered when you switch to analytics from your current career. You’re afraid of not having a background in […]